31 January 2012

When ignorance is not a bliss

So I don't usually blog about politics/over sensitive issues. There's certainly a first in everything.

Giving 'white packets' for new year? I mean, how ignorant can you get? Putting white decoration for a CNY event? I know the modern Chinese is not that auspicious, but not to that extent, right?

He wasn't "aware" of the customs? The apology doesn't even sound like one, just blaming his Chinese "friends" for not informing him of the issue.

Saw a few friends posted on FB/twitter actually supporting him, saying that its not entirely his fault as he doesn't know about it. He's giving money out and he's now to be blamed and so on.

I don't know how did they come about that thinking, but we are after all living in this so called, self boasting to be "multi-cultural" country and that little basic understanding over "sensitive" cultural issues should be expected of every single Malaysian.

1 Malaysia you say? Certainly self-evident in our leadership by example this Chinese New Year.

Happy CNY guys :)

25 January 2012





21 January 2012




16 January 2012


I cannot imagine working here in the next ten years,

Where employees take a week to reply an email,

And leap at the first line you write and do not read the rest,

Where they cannot make up their mind what they want,

Where two different people dealing on the same subject can give you different answers.

FML for once I don't know whether my decision five years ago was correct or not.

10 January 2012

6 January 2012


Finally, the series is complete :) Ok not exactly given the last one's an ebook. But meh :p

3 January 2012


Dear Kuala Lumpur,

Can your cafe miraculously conjure up a cup of quality cappuccino? The pampered coffee addict is dying in instant Nescafe.

Yours truly waiting for a miracle to happen.

1 January 2012


2012, a new start. End of my study life. Time to face the reality :(