21 December 2012


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16 November 2012


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15 September 2012



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25 August 2012


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9 June 2012







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10 May 2012


My life might suck at the moment,

But i'm happy that's all that matters.

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24 April 2012

This is...

I realized I've been ranting more and more lately. Topics have changed from latest entertainment gossips to current affairs. The newspaper is no longer just the lifestyle and entertainment section,somehow the columns by readers started to pose a certain attraction. Signs of aging, I guess. Or maybe it has to do with the content (finding excuses nt to admit i'm getting older)

Getting back to Msia, i have to say,the political dramas are even more jucier than Hollywood blockblusters. And no, i am nt referring to a certain party, but the political climate as a whole. From NFC to Lynas,from PTPTN to Bersih. Oh yes, you can say most of these causes are apolitical, but i doubt u can find anyone who can tell u, with a conscience that certain political parties are not making use of these issues to achieve their personal goals.

Take the PTPTN  issue for example, free education is no doubt a good thing,maybe even an essential if Msia is in any hope of turning into a developed country in goodness know how long. But,free education =public good. Means it should nt be exclusive,defy nt for a bunch of people who is going against the spirit of contractual obligations. It hurts to see such an issue is being construed and used,when it should be seriously considered for the greater good of the public.

Bersih,with its goal defy noble. But, how many of us will NOT connect it with certain political parties?

And the list goes on. When will we see the day that these issues will be independently treated as 'issues' and nt bundled as part of a political campaign?

We'll just have to wait and see i guess. We all believe 'malaysia boleh',right?

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